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An exciting new events grant has been announced by the BC Government!

The BC government has recently announced a significant funding opportunity for the event organizers and communities across the province. The Fairs, Festivals, and Events Fund is designed to support the development and growth of cultural events and celebrations that promote local tourism and economic growth. The fund aims to help event organizers plan and deliver high-quality, inclusive events that showcase the unique cultural and artistic diversity of British Columbia. With a total of $12 million in funding available, this is an excellent opportunity for event organizers to secure financial support to help make their event a success.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the key details of the Fairs, Festivals and Events Fund, and provide information on the product we can offer for an event of this nature.

  1. Purpose: The fund is a grant program aimed at supporting the development and growth of cultural events and celebrations that promote local tourism and economic growth

  2. Funding: Total funding available is $12 million

  3. Grant amount: The grant amount ranges from $7500 to $250,000 per event

  4. Focus areas: The program has identified several focus areas, including community-based celebrations, major events, and rural and remote events.

Previous recipients of the Fairs, Festivals and Events Fund include the Penticton Peach Festival, the Victoria Fringe Festival, and the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival

Our Canopy Havens are a unique and attractive outdoor event space option that would make an excellent addition to events and festivals funded by the Fairs, Festivals and Events Fund. With it's beautiful and sustainable design, this eco-friendly event space provides organizers with an attractive and alternative option to the standard options you see so often at events like these.

Photos by Leah Kathryn Photography

For more information on our Canopy Havens please visit our website or contact us - for further information

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