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10 Things you never knew about Wild Havens Glamping Discover some of our secrets.

Here's 10 things you never knew about us and our tents

  1. Our tents are made from a thick weave cotton which makes them durable and fully waterproof

  2. We started the business back in 2017 at the same time as having a newborn!

  3. Our tents are best set up in the shade to keep them cool during those hot summer days

  4. In the cooler months we offer a heated package, which includes; a heater and heated blankets

5. People often confuse our tents with Yurts but the technical name for them is Bell Tents (we don't mind you calling them that though ;) )

6. We are based in Pemberton just north of Whistler but will travel to a variety of locations, from remote areas to more accessible sites closer to major cities, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect location or venue

7. We often get comments that people enjoy there nights sleep whilst glamping with us, more than in their own beds!

8. We can set up our tents at BC Parks Campgrounds - taking the hassle out of traditional camping

9. Laura & Rich, owners of Wild Havens are originally from the UK but have called BC home for almost 9 years

10. We started the business in 2017 with just 5 tents, running the business out of our garage. We now have a fleet of 62 tents and no longer operate from our garage!!

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