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Where is your venue?

We do not have a venue. We are a pop up glamping company that will setup our tents at your choice of venue or backyard.


Can you offer less than two nights?

Yes we can, the price is the same as our 2 night rental


Will you setup a tent just for the day, not overnight?

Yes this is possible, please call or email us to discuss the details.


Do you have any venue recommendations?

Yes, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Are the tents waterproof?

Yes they are. Our bell tents are made from a tight weave cotton that has a waterproof coating. As long as nothing is leaning against the tent canvas for a prolonged period of time then you will be dry inside the tent.


How do they hold up in snow?

Pretty well. We have had them up in fairly significant snow storms and even taken them back country skiing.


Do they get hot in the summer?

As all tents will our tents get hot when subjected to direct sunlight. If they are setup in the shade then you will stay nice and cool. All the tents have mesh screen vents and doors to allow airflow. You can also roll up the entire tent sidewall all the way round the tent to allow maximum ventilation, this is well worth doing during the summer months and makes a big difference.


Do you sell bell tents?

Yes we usually have new bell tents for sale starting from $899 and also often sell older well used tents at much lower prices. Contact us for details.


Do you service Ontario?

Unfortunately we do not. As far as we know there is no one offering a similar service in that area.


Do you offer self pitch?

Yes we can offer this in some instances. Please contact us for more information.

Private Venue Recommendations



Squamish Hops Farm - Very pretty, bare bones venue, you would need to bring in toilets, showers and anything else you might need


Sunwolf - An ideal riverside venue, they have everything you need


Eagle Valley Retreat - Beautiful location with a lodge


Cheekye Ranch Squamish - A big venue with lots of space, next to a river with facilities.


Sitka Farms - A large venue with a gorgeous specially converted barn. Rustic, romantic and laid-back



Barking Frog - Fantastic venue up the Meadows road in Pemberton


Anderson Retreat - Beautiful property with lots of space for bell tents 


Dreamcatcher Meadows - A beautiful riverside venue with lots of potential options 


Birken Lakeside Resort - Lakeside resort near Pemberton


Have we missed your venue off our list? Sorry about that, please let us know and we will update the list ASAP.

Public Campsites Recommendations



Alice Lakes - B.C Parks public campground. 

Beautiful site and surrounding area, close to Squamish. Decent standard flush toilets and showers. Group campsites are available.

Klahanie Campground - Public campground. 

Nice campground with showers and flushing toilets. It is a little close to the highway so you can get some noise but there are sites next to a stream which help with this. Close to the Chief, Shannon falls, and Sea to Sky Gondola.


MTN Fun Campground - Public campground.

Good standard showers and toilets. Closest to downtown Squamish. A little close to the highway but you usually don’t notice any noise.



Riverside Camping & RV Resort  - Public campground and RV park

High end facility, easy access to Whistler village. Shower block and toilets.



Nairn Falls - B.C Parks campground. Easy access to Nairn Falls, Pemberton downtown, and One Mile lake. Pit toilets only and no showers. Drinking water is accessed through a hand pumped well.


Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park - B.C Parks Campground

45 mins to an hour north of Pemberton. Picturesque remote campground in the mountains next to a lake. Pit toilets only and no showers.



Porteau Cove Campground - BC Parks Campground

Great views of Howe sound, flush toilets and showers are available

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