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By renting tents and furnishings from Wild Havens Tenting Ltd (hereinafter “the supplier”, “we” or “WH”) you (hereinafter “the Renter”) agree to pay any and all rental rates and charges accrued for the period between setup (“setup date”) of the equipment through the time of tear down (“taking down date”) of said equipment to WH per the payment terms outlined in the next section.




  1. The rental order total (dependant on terms/individual situation) is required to reserve and hold pricing

  2. Any additional charges incurred, such as billable loss, damages or extra cleaning charges, will be calculated and invoiced after equipment and furnishings are returned to WH.

  3. WH accepts cheque, e-transfers (interac), payment by PayPal – MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

  4. A valid MasterCard or Visa is required to be on file from the initial renter (even if paying by cheque). The credit card on file will be charged when rented equipment and furnishings are found to be damaged or in need of extra cleaning.




The liability for injury, disability, and/or death of workers and other persons caused by the operation, handling or transportation of the equipment during the rental period shall be that of the Renter and the Renter shall indemnify and save harmless Wild Havens against all said liability. The Renter shall also indemnify and save harmless Wild Havnes against loss, expense, damage and/or penalty or penalties which may arise out of the action for damages to property or person or persons occasioned by the operation, handling or transportation of the equipment during the rental period.





  1. Orders are neither confirmed nor reserved until the terms and conditions document is properly filled out, signed, returned and accepted by WH, and payment has been made per the above terms.

  2. If an item of equipment or furnishings promised becomes unavailable due to damage, all efforts will be made to provide the renter a suitable substitute or alternative.

  3. If the renter fails to make payment 5 days prior to the event date, WH may terminate the contract without notice to the renter.




  1. The following cancellation policies will apply to reductions or cancellations made 30 days prior to the contracted set up date;

  2. There will be no refund on any items reduced or cancelled 30 days prior to event date, a cancellation fee for loss of earnings (50% of rental charge) may apply.

  3. Any increases in equipment or furnishings needed must be made prior to your setup date and are subject to availability.

  4. Refunds are not issued for equipment and furnishings that are returned unused.




  1. The Renter is responsible for reviewing the rental contract to ensure the accuracy of the items rented. WH is not responsible for items assumed or not existing on the most recent contract.

  2. The drop-off location must be unobstructed, level and will be within 25 feet from the delivery vehicles parking location. WH will charge an hourly rate if access is not as specified. WH reserves the rights to refuse any unsafe delivery conditions.

  3. Upon delivery, we insist the Renter or authorized representative of the renter is present to verify that everything has been delivered and set up correctly. They will also need to make decisions regarding placement and configuration. The Renter assumes all risk and liability of damage or injury during installation and setup of equipment.

  4. WH will make the best effort to deliver and setup following requested times. However, this is subject to traffic, weather, unexpected events and other events beyond their control. When possible we recommend deliver and setup at least 1 day before the scheduled event.




  1. The Renter must ensure the site is ready for WH to arrive and setup, the ground must be “peg friendly” as discussed before contract signed.

  2. The Renter must ensure that there is three (3) meters clearance around the entire perimeter of each footprint cleared for each tent. It is the Renters responsibility to arrange a site visit if they are unsure if the tents will fit and have other concerns that need to be addressed.

  3. The Renter is responsible for marking where all water lines, gas lines, and other utilities are located prior to WH arrival on site. WH is not responsible for any damages to such utilities and is to be fully indemnified by the Renter regarding any claim by a third party in this regard.

  4. The Renter is responsible for arranging all setup permits with the land owners.

  5. If the site is not ready, properly marked or accessible when WH arrives, the Renter may incur an additional fee for loss of business and setup may be aborted.




  1. Tents are temporary structures designed to handle most normal weather conditions. However, there may be weather conditions that become unsafe such as during high winds or lightning storms. Evacuation of tents is recommended in these or any other unsafe conditions.

  2. The tent is not engineered for severe storm conditions.

  3. WH reserves the right to abort setup or take down early if weather or natural disasters dictate that it would be unsafe for clients or our staff. This also applies if we feel the tent or equipment are likely to get damaged. The decision will be entirely at our discretion and refunds will not be provided. Examples include but are not limited to; Forest fire, flooding, swamping, excessive smoke, high winds, lightning, excessively high or low temperatures.




  1. The Renter agrees to return the equipment and furnishings at the end of the rental period.

  2. All Renters personal items must be out of the tent by the scheduled pick up date/time.

  3. The Renter agrees to return all items in the same condition in which they were delivered.

  4. If the equipment or furnishings become damaged during the rental period and repairs are required, the Renter agrees to compensate WH for the repairs at the price prevailing for WH to make these repairs or restock inventory. Charges for item (s) are not considered a purchase of said item (s) and the Renter does not have the right to keep the damaged item (s).

  5. If extra cleaning is required a minimum charge of $50.00 per tent could apply. If the tent or furnishing item (s) cannot be cleaned the Renter agrees to pay the replacement cost.




  1. Renter must ensure that they purchase or land owners maintain insurance for the following, loss of equipment by fire, damage or theft. Please verify that the land owners or Renters insurance policy cover temporary equipment on site.




  1. No equipment or furnishings may be rented or sublet by the Renter, nor shall the Renter assign or transfer any interest in this agreement without written or verbal consent of WH.


Renter: By signing this document below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all the above terms and conditions.

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