what we do and pricing

Wild Havens is a pop-up mobile business which specializes in creating glamping experiences in our Boomer bell tents. They are used as unique accommodation option for a variety of different events. Our fleet consists of 52 gorgeous canvas bell tents of various sizes, these are available to rent and sleep between 2 and 6 people. Not only do we have bell tents for accommodation we also offer, preparation/dressing room tents, lounge tents and a Bridal suite. If you have something in mind and you don't see it on our website please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to help and bring your vision and event to life.

Wild Havens canvas Boomer bell tents are comfy and cozy spaces which have been kitted out with love and affection. They offer the perfect retreat for you and your friends, an opportunity to sleep under the stars and to be at one with nature, without all the hard work. Choose your own location and Wild Havens will setup everything before you arrive. We can also create a bell tent village for your wedding, festival, party or event at a site of your choice.


The full furnished package is what everyone wants, here is what you get:

  • Fitted bed sheets

  • Duvets

  • Pillows

  • Queen or single full height luxury air mattresses

  • Floor Matting

  • Inside doormat

  • Outside doormat

  • Fairy lights on the front guy line

  • Bunting

  • Lantern for inside the tent

  • Mirror​


Our prices include pitching, styling and packing down. Delivery and tax is not included, delivery fees may be waived depending on location and quantity of tents.  You will find our prices similar to a hotel but with the advantage of not having to travel or leave the party early! No taxis necessary!

Based on 2 nights
Medium Bell Tent (sleeps up to 3)  - $345
Large Tent (sleeps up to 4) - $430
Extra Large Tent (sleeps up to 6) - $630

Based on 3 nights

Medium Bell Tent (sleeps up to 3)  - $420

Large Tent (sleeps up to 4) - $525

Extra Large Tent (sleeps up to 6) - $770

Based on 4 nights

Medium Bell Tent (sleeps up to 3)  - $495

Large Tent (sleeps up to 4) - $620

Extra Large Tent (sleeps up to 6) - $910

We recommend medium tents to sleep 2, large tents to sleep 3 and extra large  tents to sleep 5. However you can squeeze one more into each tent. ​​Prices quoted above are based on 1 bed in a medium tent, 2 beds in a large tent and 4 beds in an extra large tent. If you want to add another bed to any of those there will be a further $30 charge.

2 nights is the minimum. We can do a one night setup but the price is the same. We can discount in some circumstances. Example's include large amount of tents, annual events, long stay's or charity events.

Unfurnished or Part Furnished

If you don't need everything we can offer unfurnished or part furnished tents. Please call or email us and we will out together a quote.

Medium Boomer bell tent
Medium Boomer bell tent
Interior of standard furnished
Interior of standard furnished
standard furnished
standard furnished
Large Boomer bell tent
Large Boomer bell tent
Bell Tents
Bell Tents