Wild Havens Tenting at Your Wedding Weekend

Hello and welcome to the Wedding Weekend Glamping page. Wild Havens will be providing the tents for guests at your venue (insert dates)


When you arrive at the venue your tent will be setup and ready to go, all you will need to do is unpack!

To order a tent you need to click on the link below. Once we have received your order we will send you a invoice with a payment link.



Tent Pricing:

Medium Boomer Tents

Large Boomer Tents 

Subsequent nights are at 50% of the above prices.

Tax of 12% will be added to your reservation total.


The following is included;

  • Full coir mat flooring

  • Rug

  • Small Mirror

  • Doormat

  • Bedside crate

  • Small low table

  • Fairy lights

  • Bunting

  • LED lamp

  • Fitted bed sheets

  • Duvets

  • Pillows

  • Half meter height luxury airbeds which can be configured as follows:



Medium Boomer Bell Tent

  • Two Twin Beds (roomy)

  • One Queen Bed (roomy)

  • Three Twin beds (a bit of a squeeze)

  • One Queen and one Twin bed (a bit of a squeeze)



Large Boomer Bell Tent

  • Two Twin Beds (very roomy)

  • One Queen Bed (very roomy)

  • Three Twin Beds (roomy)

  • Four Twin Beds (a bit of a squeeze)

  • Two Queen Beds (a bit of a squeeze)

  • One twin and one Queen Bed (roomy)