greater Vancouver area

Since our spring and summer calendar is looking a little different due to Covid-19 we thought it would be fun to offer the Greater Vancouver area a backyard glamping special.


We're offering the following rates for the remainder of May, prices may change from June 1st.

Whistler or Pemberton

Self Pitch - $50 

We Pitch - $75

9 Day Rental. Tax not included


Self Pitch - $75

We Pitch - $100

9 Day Rental. Tax not included


We setup one of our beautiful bell tents in your backyard for you to use however you please

  • Kids play 

  • Music venue

  • Learning tent (make home schooling a little different)

  • Camp out

  • Work space

  • Dining (use it to enhance your take out night)

  • Quiz night (host a quiz night for friends from your bell tent)

  • Household party (start a band or just dance around the pole to your favourite tunes)

  • Yoga (physical activity, essential for sanity right now)

  • Movie night under the stars


We pitch the tent and take it down when you are done. Please leave the tent untouched for at least 24 hours before we come to collect it. We need clear access to your yard from the road.


3 sizes of tents available

Small - 3 meter diameter (9.8 feet)

Medium - 4 meter diameter (13 feet)

Large - 5 meter diameter (16.5 feet)


  • Tent

  • Coir matting

  • Battery powered light string

  • Entry door mat

Fully Furnished -

  • Tent

  • Coir matting

  • Battery powered light string

  • Entry door mat

  • Queen and / or single full height air mattresses

  • Fitted bed sheets, duvets and pillows

  • Lantern and Mirror

Unfurnished VIP -

  • Queen Wooden bed frame with memory foam mattress

  • Luxury linens, pillows and furnishings

  • Lamp

  • 100ft extension cord for 

What you need to know

  • You will need about 1.5 meters (5 feet )around the tent for the guy lines. You can get away with less if you have something to tie the guy line to, like a fence or a tree.

  • The guy lines are a trip hazard

  • The tent pegs can extend up to 1 ft into the ground. You need to make sure there is nothing in the way (gas lines, power lines, water lines etc.). If we are pitching the tent and something is hit by a peg we cannot be held responsible.

  • The tents are waterproof if pitched correctly. The canvas is tight weave cotton coated with a waterproof coating.

We come to Vancouver every ?????? add dates

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