Wild Havens 4 meter Boomer Bell Tents are fantastic entry level Bell Tent's. Perfect size for two people.


This tent is in great condition and have been used for 3-6 days. It has double side walls. Canvas wall and also mesh bug guard wall.


Every tent includes the following features:

  • Zip in and out ground sheet. Allows you to roll up the side walls for maximim ventilation.
  • Guy line tensioners, these allow you to adjust the tent guy lines without having to move the peg or re-tie a knot
  • Mesh bug guard door screen and windows allow you to let the breeze in without the bugs.


Each tent includes:

  • Setup instructions
  • Poles
  • Set of large and small pegs
  • Guy lines
  • Zipped in heavy duty ground sheet

Used Medium Boomer Bell Tent (4 meter)