Wild Havens Child Small Boomer Bell Tent (3 meter diameter)


This is the smallest tent we sell. Great for kids who want their own tent or adults or need limited space.


These tents are heavy duty and manufacutred exceptionally well. 


Every tent includes the following features:

  • Double side wall. One canvas outer wall and second mesh wall all the way around the tent.
    • Zip in and out ground sheet. Allows you to roll up the side walls for maximim ventilation.
    • Guy line tensioners, these allow you to adjust the tent guy lines without having to move the peg or re-tie a knot
    • Mesh bug guard door screen and windows allow you to let the breeze in without the bugs.
    • Stove jack, pre cut into the tent to allow the use of a wood burning stove. The jack is covered with a velcro flap when it is not in use.


    Each tent includes:

    • Setup instructions
    • Poles
    • Set of large and small pegs
    • Guy lines
    • Zipped in heavy duty ground sheet


    Available with both single and double wall options.


    12 Month Warranty and 14 day No Questions asked return policy

Child Small Boomer Bell Tent (3 meter diameter)

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