Pricing & Details

Wild Havens canvas Boomer bell tents are comfy and cozy spaces which have been kitted out with love and affection. They offer the perfect retreat for you and your friends, an opportunity to sleep under the stars without all the hard work.


Choose your own location and Wild Havens will setup everything before you arrive. We can also create a bell tent village for your wedding, festival, party or event at a site of your choice.

The Fully Monty: What's Included

Our prices include pitching, styling and packing down. Delivery and tax is not included, delivery fees may be waived depending on location and quantity of tents. 

Here is the list of what's included with the tent:

  • Fitted bed sheets

  • Duvets

  • Pillows

  • Queen or single full height luxury air mattresses

  • Floor Matting

  • Inside doormat

  • Outside doormat

  • Fairy lights on the front guy line

  • Bunting

  • Lantern for inside the tent

  • Mirror​

Extra beds per tents are $30 charge.


We offer discounts for large orders, annual event's, long stay's or charity events. Contact us below to know more!

Medium Tent
(sleeps up to 3 people)
Large Tent
(sleeps up to 4 people)
Extra Large Tent
(sleeps up to 6 people)
2 nights
3 nights
4 nights










The Fully Monty: Pricing

It's time to go outside!

More Pricing For special occasions