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Heated Glamping Tents

We are able to add a heated tent option to all our glamping packages. The tents will be kitted out with oil filled electric radiators as well as extra duvets and electic blankets. There is a one off cost of $150 per tent for this add on. 

We provide a 100ft extension cord for each tent so you just need to make sure there is an electrical outlet within that distance.

But are the tents waterproof? Absolutely! We often get asked this question. The tents are made from a thick weave cotton and have a waterproof coating. We have them out in heavy rain, freezing rain and snow storms with no issues.

Interested? Call us 604 774 8696, email us at contact@wildhavens.ca or send us a message on the form below.


 "We loved the tents and they were a big hit with our guests.  Even the folks who secured a room in the house were intrigued by sleeping outdoors in the snow! 


Everything about each tent was great - heated blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, comfy mattresses, heater and light - very civilised. There is something magical about sleeping outside while the snow falls on the tent! Not just a dusting either - we must have received 30 cm overnight.


Thanks again.  It was a lot of fun."

Liz, Squamish, January 2020

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