Our canvas Boomer bell tents are comfy, cozy and warm spaces. They offer the perfect retreat for you and your friends, an opportunity to experience something different, to sleep under the stars and to be at one with nature, without all the hard work. They are a classic well-tested design which have a tall central pole, low walls and arched doorway. Integral zipped in groundsheets create a fully enclosed yet breathable space.​ We will come to your house, venue or campsite to set up, we will furnish the tent, based on the package booked, and then take it away again at the end of the rental period. 

All the package options below are now available heated and our tents can withstand heavy rain, winds and snow. Click here for more details on the heated tent add on.

If you were thinking of glamping at a campsite and need some inspiration we have a list of options on this page.

If you have questions please send an email to call 604 774 8696 or fill in the form found at the bottom of the page.

Take a look through the awesome packages we have to offer;

Fully Furnished Package


Perfect if you have family or friends staying the night, for the kids ​to have a 'camp out' in the backyard or just as a new experience for you and the family

Rates start at $345 per tent

Whats included:

  • Tent

  • Coir matting (flooring)

  • Battery powered light string

  • Entry door mat

  • Queen and / or single full height air mattresses

  • Fitted bed sheets, duvets and pillows

  • Lantern and Mirror



 VIP Package


For those looking for an incredibly comfortable place to sleep.

Rates start at $550 per tent

Whats included:

  • Queen Wooden bed frame with memory foam mattress

  • Luxury linen & pillows 

  • Upgraded furnishings

  • Lamp

  • 100ft extension cord or portable power station

Chill Lounge Tent


We use our extra large 6 X 4 meter Emperor tent for this package. The space has Moroccan, boho themed decor and is filled with comfy pillows, poufs and rugs. 

Host a small birthday gathering or a small dinner party, or just relax with family and enjoy having this gorgeous space in your backyard.

Rates start at $770 per tent



Unfurnished Package

Our tents can be used as;

  • Kids play tent, music tent,  for a camp out, work space, dining, quiz night, yoga and movie nights.

Rates start at $195 per tent

Whats included:

  • Tent

  • Coir matting (flooring)

  • Battery powered light string

  • Entry door mat

What you need to know

  • Setup, delivery tear down and labour is included.

  • We will need approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet )around the tent for the guy lines to be tied out. We can get away with less if there is something to tie the guy line to, like a fence or a tree.

  • Be aware that the guy lines are a trip hazard

  • The tent pegs can extend up to 1 ft into the ground, you need to insure there is nothing in the way (gas lines, power lines, water lines etc).  If we are pitching the tent and something is hit by a peg we cannot be held responsible.

  • The tents are waterproof if pitched correctly. The canvas is a tight weave cotton coated with a waterproof coating.

  • If you are staying at a public campsite you will need to make the campsite reservation separately. Please contact us before you do this so we can check our availability.

We have the following sizes of tents available

Small - 3 meter diameter (9.8 feet)

Medium - 4 meter diameter (13 feet)

Large - 5 meter diameter (16.5 feet)

Extra Large - 6 X 4 meter (19.6 X 13.1 feet)

By booking you to agree to the following terms and conditions - CLICK HERE to read through before confirming your booking.


Minimum Charge by Location

We are based out of Pemberton, B.C and regularly service the Sea to Sky, Greater Vancouver, Merritt, Kamloops, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. If you have somewhere else in mind please just get in touch.


Due to the distances from our home base certain areas have a minimum booking value. This means you must spend at least this the minimum to make the booking viable. If your total comes in too low then there is the option to pay the difference or book more tents.


In some cases we may have to charge a delivery fee depending on the specifics and location of the venue.

  • Pemberton $140

  • Whistler $160

  • Squamish $345

  • Greater Vancouver $495

  • Vancouver Island $2,500

  • Saltspring Island $3,500

  • Other Gulf Islands $2,500

  • Kamloops Area $2,500

  • Merritt Area $2,500

  • Okanagan $3,500

  • Nelson Area $4,000

  • Other locations please inquire

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